Saturday, April 25, 2015

It's Time to Say Hello.

Really, it is. Recently I've come to realize two facts about my 26 years of thus far lived life.

1)It has been amazing.
2)It has not been as amazing as it could have been.

While there are several things that I would not change, there are still a few that I wish I could.

For too long I allowed my insecurities to hold me back. I refused to ask questions when I did not understand. I accepted lies as truth because I doubted my ability to reason correctly. I allowed people to simply brush my ideas under rugs of their choice because of my unassertiveness. I let dreams all but get away, because I convinced myself that I was meant to remain unheard and unseen. And, I always walked on eggshells when a touchy subject was brought up in conversation.

No more!

I am a human being who truly believes there is good in everyone, humility is admirable, and kindness is the greatest quality one can possess, so I can assure you now that this blog will not be a place in which I humiliate others. However, I will also guarantee that I will no longer embarrass myself by keeping locked up  what I feel God intended me to set free. I want to use my passion for writing to address issues of concern, offer encouragement to friends, cause people to smile, and inspire others by sharing what I've finally learned to overcome.

This year I've learned many things, but the one I want never to forget is how to truly be happy. God said He would give us abundant life and joy unspeakable, so why do so many seem to be lacking in those areas? Why did I? How did things become different for me?

Because I finally found a place of freedom... and I decided to unpack and live there.

Now anytime you move to a new place, it takes time and effort, right? It's nearly impossible to get everything in perfect order overnight. We've moved across the country a few times, and still it never gets any easier. I misplace things, stuff gets broken, tempers are lost... You've been there. You know. The same thing happens when you're moving to a new level of maturity, too. You think everything is just where it needs to be, but when it's time to use it, you can't find where you've packed it up. You're positive your heart is whole and your head is on straight, but someone shows up unexpected. In your pursuit of rushed perfection, failure and frustration build up, and your pride or their feelings are bruised and broken in the process.

Does that mean you're not on your way? No. You just have to keep emptying boxes. Get your dressers loaded back up, your pantry packed, and your closets filled, and you'll feel at home. Next thing you know, unwelcomed guests knock on your door and you're completely unaffected. You've settled. It's familiar turf. It's your home.

I've made it home.

Freedom from worry, fear of failure, and offense at people's opinions of me, seemed like nothing short of a dream vacation that only few were privileged to afford. Thankfully, I listened to someone who was there, and I quickly learned just how easy it was to get a ticket. Round-trips are too costly, so I decided a one-way was all I needed.

Lucky for you, that freedom allows me the confidence to express what I've held inside... Makes for a much more interesting read, I'm sure! Not everything will be serious or personal. I am solid in my crazy humor, too, so if I find something comical, I may write about that. If I try something that totally transforms my life, I will be kind enough to pass on my newfound secret. I love writing, I adore trying new things, I enjoy sharing what little knowledge I possess, and I like most people, so "Kristi Said It" is just a place for me to connect all these interests. So... stay tuned! Read on! And feel free to nicely express your opinions on here, as well!

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