Thursday, August 13, 2015

Think on These Things: What Christians are Really Like

As a Christian, there's no way to deny the fact that some of the recent happenings in our country have caused a swirl of emotions to take residence in my heart and mind. And aside from the spiritual, as an American, I've dealt with small amounts of anger and concern, as my rights are slowly being taken from me. I'll be the first to say that there are certain laws that have been passed that I don't agree with. But, I'll also say the way some others who share my faith have handled the situation has made me cringe a bit, too.

I had gotten to the point of feeling helpless... not regarding our country's needs, because God is still in control. I was feeling an ineffective urgency to cause everyone to remember we are still supposed to love each other. Jesus didn't make that a suggestion. He plainly says in John 15:12- "This is my commandment, That you love one another, as I have loved you." We have to be careful as to not let differing opinions or faiths convince us that it's okay to be rude or hateful. There is a way to stand up for what's right, in the proper, Christ-like way. Follow His examples. They're in the Bible. Everywhere.

There's been a lot of slander against Christians in the last few weeks, more so than ever it seems. Some of it does stem from an inner hatred or maliciousness. But, some of it comes from disappointments and hypocritical behavior. Still, Christians aren't perfect beings... we're just trying our hardest to follow after One Who is. We fail sometimes... Probably more times than we want to think about. But, if you truly learn the heart of a true Christ follower, you'll see that we really just want everyone to know how loved they are... We want peace. We want unity.

I saw this video, and it made me laugh, cry, sing... It made my heart swell with pride. I'm not even involved in the making of it, but it proved the point I so hold to: When you focus on Christ... it just spreads so much untold joy. It brings people together. It destroys all needless barriers of race, religion, and status. He bridged the gap for us all. I can't express how much I love being reminded of that. Take a minute and watch this incredible video.

Tell me you're not smiling.

We need to let our lights shine, friends. We really do. We need to respond and react to each situation as Christ would. If we err in our ways... there are ways of reconciliation. What kind of example do you long to be? How do you want to affect our world today?

I've had people tell me that with some crowds you need to be harsh and uncomfortable to win them to Christ. I don't agree. He was only harsh with those carrying self righteousness around. Making people feel loved, not condemned, not ignorant... that's how you reach them. Put a smile on their face. Change someone's view on life. You do realize that you have that ability, right? You have the potential to make a huge difference! If we all realized that, wow... America would be a different place.

It's not too late.

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