Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Don't Give that up to be a King - Poem

Who are we to think and suspect, that we can deserve, demand, or expect-
Others to give their respect
to us, "the elect"
when we walk around with heads held high because of the way "our" ministries grow-
yet our expectation for the humble hearts is most times lower than low?

Yes, God will exalt whom He chooses,
but time after time as a leader refuses
to give an opportunity, or never uses-
a young heart full of desire to do something with purpose, set the world on fire...

It affects their mind, destroys the zeal,
hurts, confuses, and distracts until,
A- the world gives them a shot at what they disguise as success,
or B- they cry and pray, try to find some way to do what they love
and maybe, just maybe, finally impress.

Of course, by this time, if they go with A,
it'll take a miracle to change them, for they
have been convinced that their best wasn't good
by the ones who should've encouraged (but never would,)
their potential...
and not just by telling them they had it, but by helping them find it.

And if they are one of the determined that chose B,
daily, they question constantly,
what their best really is- because deep down they know it's not like hers or his.
The ones that seem to have it made and always got it right,
in the sight of the ones that shine the spotlight.

Why is it the one who have trouble at home,
the ones with no confidence, who feel hurt and alone,
are the ones who come to church and only hear what they should change-
the "If you had done it like this, as I must insist, maybe your ideas wouldn't be dismissed."
And once again they feel they've failed...
they'll never be right, they'll never prevail.

Wake up! What are we doing to God's precious ones?!
Do we not see we're hurting, confusing,
and even at times just downright abusing,
those precious young hearts,
who so desperately long for someone to reach out,
to help them along?
Someone who truly wants to see them succeed,
reach their goals, live their dreams.
People that won't even think to compare
them to that boy or girl over there.

When will we realize they weren't made the same?
They all have talents, as different as their names!
Find out what they are... Then encourage them,
push them, help them go far!
God has a plan for each young life-
You don't know it... So, please, don't try
to pull them your way, stop or delay,
what God may be  doing inside them today.

Why do you feel it's just fine to shun or ignore them?
Why are you so slow to love, but so quick to condemn?
God, help us ALL show as much true compassion
as Jesus did- and is still daily asking
that we do the same...
especially us who bear His name.

There's a smile waiting behind every frown.
A wall built inside that's begging to come down.
There's an Apostle Paul, in every single Saul.
Please don't hinder! Help them fulfill their call!

Whether that be preaching, or singing, or teaching a class,
writing songs or a book, making people laugh,
ministering to the hungry across the wide seas,
or praying for others on bent knees...
Maybe making clothes, cooking food, cleaning a house,
any kind of Christ-like service - isn't that what it's about?

So if they speak in front of ministers, or teach a child to tie its shoes,
realize not all are called to do just what you're thinking they should do.
God's ways are high... much higher than ours.
His thoughts and plans for our lives...
Oh! So much awesome power-
in the crazy things that lie in store,
outside every door,
and even still... so much more!

So, if one doesn't sing, or an instrument play,
don't even think for one second that they
won't do something mighty and magnificent still.
If God has His way, I promise they will.

They might act out a play or design coloring books.
They may mentor a child, or tie on fish hooks.
Maybe they'll babysit on date nights or teach in a school.
Poems might be their thing, or possibly working with tools.
They might encourage good health, weight loss, strength build.
They may paint or draw, or throw a football across a field.
Will they teach karate? Could they be an RN?
Yes!!! They can change the world as a garbage man!!!!
What will they do? Where is their passion?
Only they know that- so let them do the asking!

I don't know... I don't care!
I just know potential is there!
It's in every single heart, and no doubts it'll be grand...
when that heart is in the center of God's hands.

So whether they sing or preach, or just know how to be a friend,
realize it's great! Greater than we comprehend.
And before I quit writing, remember this thing...
If God called you to be a humble missionary...
Don't dare give that up to be a king!

-Written by a very young me several years ago
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