Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Gift. (a poem)

In that moment, life stepped in.
A gift given to her.
One that belonged to only her.
He took her hand, like a guiding aid
and led her steps forward.
Out the doors, into new light,
face lit up by the sun...
Engulfed in warmth by the sun.
She squeezed his hand like a little child
and felt the innocent expectancy of one.
They danced through raindrops.
They being the symphony...
the most beautiful symphony,
shared by a magnificent orchestra...
Each note played with perfect harmony.
This newfound exuberance,
expressed through her eyes...
Reflecting beautifully in her eyes...
Mirrored the moonlight on the ocean wave
rippling with each tide.
Nothing was so lovely... so true,
as this gift given to her,
One that belonged to only her.
He was waiting to be embraced and caressed,
and held onto for forever.
He had much to offer,
more than she'd ever know.
She would keep him close,
kiss him long, and never let him go.

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