Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Journey into Foster Care: Part 2

So, we're an "open" house now. Everything has been turned in, checked out, locked up, or whatever else needed to be done in order to get approval. Now... we wait.

You'd think after nearly 9 years of no kiddos I'd be tired of waiting, right? Well... here comes this stage of the process... Do we really want to give up our freedom? Is that selfish?

Some would be quick to say "yes," while I know others would chuckle and say "No! Girl, that's just normal!" Either way, I can't deny that those thoughts have indeed entered my mind. Does that mean I don't want kids? Absolutely not. It just means that I really like my life...

That makes me giggle and shake my head a bit... How often do we always look forward to the next chapter when we haven't fully read into the one we're in today? I think even the most content person will dream of future things at times. Totally acceptable, right? How will you ever achieve more or accomplish your dreams if you never plan for things to come? But, if we're not careful, we can dream our life away. A few years back, I did that. I was so upset that I wasn't a mom... I would forget that I was a young wife. I was a big sister, a daughter... I was a girl full of ambition and passion and a few abilities that I could have really put to use.

Thanks be to God above that He opened my eyes before too much time passed me by! He truly does give the life He sees fit to give. And He knows you better than you know yourself. Whenever you take time to find out who you are, you'll be singing praises continually to Him for directing your path to line up with this new found you.

One day in the near future, we will get a phone call, give an answer, and welcome some sweet little humans into our lives. We will play games, read books, do everything we can to inspire this tiny creature to be the greatest whatever it is that they want to be. That is going to be a blast! There is so much purpose in a life like that. No one doubts that being a parent is an amazing blessing! But, let me assure you childless people... being a free individual is beyond amazing, too.

My point is short tonight, but it's still strong. Whatever stage of life you're in... ENJOY it. See it for the good that it is. Make a list of pros and cons if you have to! Don't ever fall to the lie that you have to be like those around you to make a difference or have a purpose. There is something out there that is waiting for your input... your touch... your personality. Find it and be happy. It pretty much boils down to that. It's your choice on how you feel.

If I would've told myself four years ago that I would possibly be just days away from having a child in my care, doubting how sure I was that I was ready for one... Well, I wouldn't have told myself that, because I never would have believed it. Don't be me four years ago! No matter how bad you wish things were different, when change sneaks up on you, there'll be a twinge of uncertainty. That's okay. Uncertainty is always there at the door of the unknown. It'll pass with experience. Getting rid of regret? That never goes away. Take your life for what it is and live it with the utmost vigor! Life is such a gift... and you get to open it up and discover something new every single day.

What's still waiting in yours?

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