Sunday, November 8, 2015

Serenity and Madness. (a poem)

The grass was cotton beneath her feet.
Each step sent her senses to a haven
where serenity and madness meet.
that she remained so peaceful and calm.
Though her thoughts were clothed in constant chaos,
Her racing mind was also a balm.
at times she fancied living simply;
No ambitions or dreams to run after...
Oh, but for her that would never be.
Yes, fine it was to surrender to
all that her remaining days could offer.
She would not relent, only pursue.
this handed to her such big passion.
In this rested all that she ever was,
and she was more than she'd imagined.
by a gentle breeze that touched her skin.
The only thing she had found she loved more
was this hope in her where fear had been.
confusing she'd stay to most she knew.
But there were other souls that knew her well,
for they had a far off dream in view.
Her mind would never allow lazy.
It never ceased its constant wandering,
but it made clear what once was hazy.
So high was this dream for which she'd aim.
This adventure would drive her crazy, yes,
but it would also keep her sane.

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