Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Name. (a poem)

If you don't believe in my dreams
there's a door to your left
If I were you I'd open it
Yeah, I highly suggest

you go on and exit
Close the door on your way out
See, I'm so full of hope
I have no room for your doubt

I know things take time
Yes, I'm well aware
it might take years
but one day I plan to get there

I love what I'm doing
I'll give it my best until
I learn tons more about literature 
and natural talent blends with skill

So say what you will
Think what you must
Laugh me to scorn
All I ask is that you just

not holler my name
if you see me pass by
I'm sure I'm in a hurry
trying to make pigs fly

But one day down the road
I hope I'm there to see
your expression when the name 
on your book belongs to me.

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