Monday, November 9, 2015

The Red Cup Issue Should be Black and White

Okay, so you had to know a blog post was coming for this one, right? I can't help it! I mean, my cover photo warns you that I'm somewhat opinionated, so it came with fair warning. That means, when you opened this link, you were hoping to read something blunt, huh? Well, it will be, but my cover photo also insists that I'm a nice gal, so don't get your hopes up too high.

It's after 8:00. By now everyone has had time to recoup from work or school and catch up on the daily news(feed) from Facebook. I wonder how many pretty little red cups you've seen floating around? Well, after about 27 crossed my path, curiosity got the best of me. I opened a few links to see some of the drama these innocent little disposable utensils had caused. Needless to say, anything that was said was needless.

I mean, really people? Who threw the fit about some missing snowflakes? Seriously... I just want to have a short conversation with them to try to somewhat understand their reasoning. I'm over here all confused, but others are declaring war on Starbucks because Christmas will never be the same! How can we go on when only plain red cups hold the deliciousness that is our beloved coffee? It's an outrage!

Or so some have said. I get that last year was a huge deal for Starbucks because of their refusal to say "Merry Christmas." As a Christian American I feel a twinge of "Whaaat?" come over me when I hear that, but I don't feel like I need to prepare for battle. I'm going to be spiritual about this for just a couple seconds, but that's it. Because, honestly, this subject doesn't offer much spiritual material, despite the tiny droplets some have sucked from it.

Fellow Christians, know that I love you. I pray for you. I support you. We are family. But, even my family members can't always get my 100% approval, just like I won't always have theirs. With that disclaimer out there, let me say... Please understand that non-Christians will not, (I repeat... WILL NOT) hold dear the same things we do. You have to let that sink in. Unless they learn about Jesus and get to know Him personally, things that are sensitive to us will never be understood by them. You have to let that be okay.

I have some incredible friends that absolutely love Star Wars... Thrilled only barely summarizes their emotion when the new toys came out. They have Star Wars movie marathons, like, I don't know, every other weekend. They speak Galactic Basic and Ewokese better than English. That's great for them, really. I love them all the more for it. But me? Sorry... I just can't get into it. I could care less about any of it. They honestly don't understand that... it's such a big part of their life. Even still, it truly means absolutely nothing to me.

Now, while Christianity cannot be compared to the fiction that is Star Wars, I hope you see my point. I do not feel that we should let everything that we hold dear be walked on. No. I don't suggest that at all. Still, we have to figure out what is worth the fight. All this petty stuff has to stop. All this expecting everyone to feel like you do needs to quit. And, pushing your beliefs off on the rest of the world... well, it's not right. Christ gives people a choice... so don't take that away from them. And before anyone screams back at me that we are supposed to preach to them... let me stop you. We are supposed to declare the GOSPEL... not our opinions, not our convictions. For some, when they learn who Jesus really is, that'll be enough to win them over. They'll experience Him for themselves and then He will lead them. For others, they will never reach for Him. Still, that's up to them. You will have to learn to love them, live with them peaceably, and go on about your life as they do the same. The Bible is plain that we will be peculiar... Embrace that and go about your day. Goodness, even Jesus sat and ate with people who didn't understand Him... He realized that even though different, they were all worth loving and getting to know. Stop picking apart everyone different than you. Just... stop.

If you want to go to war for the benefit of America... find some hungry people and feed them something good. Look for a sweet homeless guy and give him some nice things that he could find useful. Open up your home to a child who needs you. Put together a resume for someone who has recently lost a job. Donate some time or money to anyone who may be having a hard time. Offer support to a girl affected by teen pregnancy. Let a drug addict know someone is there to help them live a better life. Show love and a belief in people who've attempted suicide. Comfort someone who lost someone they love. Pray.

Forget about the cups!

I realize I don't have tons of wisdom flowing through me. I understand that I have a lot to learn. There's a lot I don't know. But, on this issue, I'm pretty sure I got it.

Live your life. Love like Jesus.

Drink some coffee.

And in honor of Christmas and Star Trek... this is a MUST watch video.

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