Friday, November 6, 2015

Unseen. (a poem)

She was tired.
Not just from over exertion or lack of sleep...
Her muscles ached. Her steps were heavy.
Her head was spinning.
She was weary of searching.
She was shadowed by aimlessness.
Not the free, inspiring, drifting balloon kind.
Not like that at all.

Her mind was nothing more than a lost red scarf,
snagged on a tree limb,
hurled around by blizzard winds,
flung this way and that...
but stuck in this place.
This same place...
somehow inept of the ability to claim freedom.
She needed someone to walk this trail that led to her.

With this forest of emotion frozen over with white,
she should be easily seen, should she not?
The vibrancy she offered should entice them to reach for her,
to set her free from this place she long lingered.
Still beauty is not cherished if it is unseen.

While the distant wave of voices reached her ears,
while the faint sound of laughter was clearly heard,
she was too far.
She was out of their sight.
The weight of hopelessness was too much to bear.
The little strength she had left was just enough to breathe,
so she would remain here.
Right here...
in this secluded forest she'd been in for so long.
Long enough to see seasons come and then excuse themselves to leave.
Still she clung to her limb. 

No wind was strong enough to shake her loose.
No soul was close enough to rescue her from this snare. 
Sun would set, moon would take lead,
flowers would bloom, leaves would fall.
She would stay here while life would go on...

On to experience newness and vigor.
A gift she thought was beyond her realm.
Fear held her down.
Doubt tied her tight.
The thought of loosening her grip...
The possibility of what unraveling could mean?
No. Just... no.
This was familiar. 
This is where she would stay.

She would stay right here until someone reached over...
Anyone could reach over and offer release.
Anyone at all... 
No one else was coming to free her.
No wind of change would be enough to offer deliverance.
Still, all the world would be hers to claim

if she'd just let go.

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