Sunday, December 6, 2015

6 Reasons Morning People Usually Rock

I always thought I was a morning person. Being able to wake up in a decent mood made it so, right? Yeah, well, that's what I believed. Of course, becoming an adult with many responsibilities, I learned that being a "morning person" required a little bit more than a decent attitude.

My mom used to get up before 5 a.m. to get us kids and herself out the door by 7:30. Me? Well, as long as I was awake by 7:00, I was good with time to spare. I thought that would still be sufficient after I was married and on my own. Boy, did my mom get a kick out of that one! It just wasn't possible to get everything I needed done in 30 minutes time. So, for many mornings I was clothed in more stress than cotton and little by little seams in my life started to unravel.

I've recently learned that truly having the right to claim "morning person" status could only be awarded by being a person in the morning. Yes, I said that exactly the way I wanted to. Zombie mode doesn't quite make the cut. Waking up in just enough time to get dressed tends to leave necessities abandoned. If we had any plans for later that evening, the mound of things left undone would only grow. I started to see that an extra hour of sleep just wasn't worth the price I was paying. There was no option; I had to wake up earlier.

For the last little bit, I've been waking up about an hour and thirty minutes earlier than "necessary." It's been amazing! Yes, the first few minutes are somewhat groggy and cold, but once I get to moving around, I feel great! I think I've learned some reasons morning people rock it out. Here are 6 that I'll share with you:

1) They leave the house without any guilt. Starting a load of laundry, putting away some dishes, taking out the trash- These things are all so simple and don't take much time, but the relief of these tasks being checked off the list- well- it just can't be matched. Good lunches get packed, which saves on money and any embarrassment moldy bread tossed in with expired lunch meat would cause. Let's not forget that we get to be more "green" because we actually have the time to check all lights and appliances to insure they are turned off. Win.

2) Their day doesn't start with drudgery.  Waking up and not really experiencing anything before you're on the job isn't the most ideal start to a day, if you ask me. I'd much rather get some time to jam to my favorite song, play with my puppy, or even exercise prior to being under someone else's thumb.  I've learned that this added entry into my morning makes my day so much more appealing. Hence, I'm in a better mood all day.

3) There's no unwanted reason to refuse company. How many times has a friend or relative called you up or texted you on lunch with something like, "Hey! We should get together tonight and play games." Or, what about, "Could I please come over and chill at your place for a while tonight?" It happens to us pretty regularly. I don't know if you're like this, but I can't stand someone coming to my house and it being a mess. I want to be a great host, and I think part of that comes from a cozy, welcoming house. Having a chance to tidy up before leaving provides us the chance to always feel prepared for guests. Therefore, we get to have a lot more quality fun time with friends. 

4) Their accomplishments at home lead to success at work. I get that this isn't always true of everyone. Some people sleep until the very last minute and have thriving careers. Still, I've seen evidence of achievement in my life, as well as friends' and family's, come due to earlier wake up calls. We have more time to get the blood pumping and the brain working. We're on high alert and in high gear before we even get in our car. There's no "waking ourselves up" once we get to work, just beast mode all day, making our bosses quite happy with our performance. Because we've not carried any guilt from undone items at home, our mind has no battle in dividing up its thoughts between obligations.  All of our attention is focused on doing an excellent job where we're at that present moment.

5) They magically add more hours to their day. Okay, so not really. But, I still go to sleep at the same time I always have. So, in all technicality, I have given myself an extra 1-2 hours more than I'm used to. While there's still not quite enough time to do everything I'd like, there's rarely a pressing matter that I can't get to comfortably. This little reason here takes away so much stress its almost unbelievable.

6)  They just feel better about themselves. It's true. I beat myself up for a long time for being too lazy to get up early enough to keep a steady routine going. I was tired of feeling guilty, spending unnecessary money, denying myself time with friends, and not allowing myself time to invest into other things I was passionate about. I've always loved writing, but I had no time to sit down and pen a few words, due to all of the obligations I'd left waiting for my attention. Now, my days feel much more fulfilled. 

Don't get me wrong, there are still some days I just need some extra z's, and I take them. Every once in a while it doesn't hurt, because I've stayed pretty well caught up on "life" just by waking up a little earlier during the week. Have I made it to "rocker" status yet? Nope. But, I can feel my life becoming more and more peaceful each day, so... I'm getting closer. I've come to truly admire morning people, and their secret has now been tried and proven by me. If you're feeling a little chaotic as of late, try waking up just an hour earlier than usual for starters, and see how much organization falls right into your lap. Sleep feels great, but stressful days don't.
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