Thursday, December 24, 2015

Your Presence for Christmas (a kid's poem)

Lord, I want Your presence for Christmas!
No big boxes with bows and strings.
No small packages or shiny things.
I really like cars, tractors, and stuff.
But, I have to admit, I have enough.
Everyone loves money, some more than others.
I don't need it, though, I use my mother's!
As much as I love toys under the tree,
I know there's something better for me.
It's not snow, though I'd be thrilled.
I could build a snowman, but I'd get chilled.
It's not candy, though it is a treat.
It's not even hot chocolate, warm and sweet.
It's not a new house or a new car.
My family's are fine the way they are.
There are kids out there so very poor,
Lord, how could I ask for more?
All I need is You and Your love,
and the gift You sent from above.
It's reaching out to all the world,
even to us little boys and girls.
I've been so blessed to be taught the truth.
I'm being trained up from my youth!
One thing I learned right from the start,
is how needful it is to have You in my heart.
I need You to forgive my sin,
no matter how good I think I've been.
You died on the cross, suffered much pain,
so I'd have the chance to trust in Your name.
I want Your gift, not a toy.
Nothing else can bring such joy!
So, Jesus, while toys and gifts are nice,
I want Your presence in my life.
When I say "presence", I don't mean what You give,
I simply mean I want You with me each day that I live.
So, Lord, this year I've made up my mind,
and I'm going to proclaim it one more time.
Gifts are nice, of this I'm sure,
but I'll give up all my presents for more of Yours.

-Written several years ago for a kid's program-
      but I still find it cute.

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