Saturday, January 9, 2016

Obvious (a poem.)

A red rose in a white vase
The warmth of a sunbeam kissing your face
The demand of a shot starting a race
The appeal of a berry atop a pie
Just like a bow overtaking the sky

                                             The colorful boom that screams, "independence"
                                             A redbird perched on a painted, black fence
                                             The undeniable truth of conquering adolescence

                                                                 The sound of a choir in perfect harmony
                                                                 The proclamation of love from a gent on bent knee
                                                                 The array of lights on the Rockefeller tree

A candle that beautifully lights up the night
That perfect dress that fits just right
The aroma of coffee and a very first bite
The vastness of the ocean and its glorious blue
As sure as 1 forever comes before 2

                                                            The crash of Niagara, the majestic falls
                                                            Like a bride in her gown is covered in "awes"
                                                            As a red light brings all cars to a pause

                                                                                    Your greatness is not hidden
                                                                                     It stands out as if bidden
                                                                                     Its like the very first song ever written

You tuck it away, but still I see
Just as plain as a ship on open sea
As towering and  grand as a Redwood tree
As majestic as the crackle of an open campfire
As longed for as the day to retire

                                                             Still you hide- you duck, you run
                                                             You think you've nothing to offer one
                                                             Refusing to see what good could come

                                                                       If you would just release what is inside
                                                                       Realize you've got no reason to hide
                                                                       Open the door and come outside

As welcomed as the first fallen white snow
As soothing as rain drops on a window
Genuine as a new mother's face glows
The smell a fresh cut cedar brings
The anticipation that comes when the doorbell rings

                                                        It's obvious to me- this awesomeness of you
                                                        And others who watch, they see it, too
                                                        But it's as if you, yourself, have no clue

                                                                           of these unique gifts you are covered in
                                                                           The amazing qualities you're smothered in
                                                                           I'll never give up, I'll remind you again

I hope one day to pull them out
For you to insert confidence where now sits doubt
to understand finally what I've been talking about
You're incredible and unmatched
Quite the steal, a coveted catch

                                                                                              You, my love, are an evergreen
                                                                 Grand in the warmth and when frost sticks to the screen
                                                                             Gorgeous in the good, the bad, and in-between

                                             I'll spend my life trying to make you aware
                                     Of all your potential, and all the greatness that's there
                                                Maybe you'll figure out why I sit and stare

Because it's obvious to me

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