Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Sands of Her Dreams (a poem.)

All was still but the twinkling of the stars
and the racing of her thoughts.
Speeding around each corner of her mind
like they were in desperate search of something once lost.
But it wasn't lost.
It simply wasn't there
There was an answer buried deep in the sands of her dreams
She need only to find it.
But what was it?
Moments fleeting accompanied by seeking
whatever it was that she'd misplaced.
Embrace it, she would, the instant she saw it-
The very instant she saw it.
Reunited with her reason for breathing-
Done with begging, tired of pleading
How she longed for that meeting!
It must be somewhere...
It has to be close; that's what she preferred.
She felt it in everything she touched,
It resembled all that she viewed,
Echoed in everything she heard.
It coursed its way through her bloodstream,
Sounded with every beat her heart made-
Escaped in each breath that passed the crease of her lips-
Yet it stayed...
Tucked away deep inside.
Tried to be found, yet continued to hide.
Sometime soon they would embrace-
This piece of her that was out of place.
She would know it when she saw it-
The very moment she saw it.
Hidden no more, completely revealed-
This something she was searching for.
She would clutch it tightly-
She would keep it close-
She would take it with her down any path she chose.
What if a path is what she sought?
What if this thing she looked for was all for naught?
She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.
Then let the air escape again slowly.
She would fall asleep and let her dreams expose it.
Surely they'd know it-
This whatever she yearned for desperately.
A yawn made its introduction-
She stretched and settled in snug-
I must try and sleep until my answer comes.
As her eyelids became heavy,
she surrendered to their will.
Took a deep breath and started to feel
All of a sudden she knew-
It became as clear as the sky is blue-
Wherever this something was...
Whatever this something was...

It would find her.
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