Friday, January 22, 2016

Unbothered by Walls (a poem.)

Empty words on filled up pages
Poor acting done on dim-lit stages
nothing clearly read
nothing rightly said
Truth locked up in cages
Longing for simple, craving outrageous

Yellow brick roads and howling winds
Searching for ways to make amends
to her heart inside
for the tears she cried
Adjusting to breaks, adhering to bends
Choosing original, avoiding all trends

All alone on crowded sidewalks
Deaf ears missed all her heart talks
everything she was
missed because
She remained behind doors, and although unlocked
People didn't have keys and they didn't go knock

In a city alone, although fully surrounded
She was floating mid-air, while others were grounded
set in their ways
uninterested in change
And that's what she craved, how her heart pounded
From every wall of her mind, that thought resounded

So brick by brick she continued to build
A sanctuary of sorts that would only be filled
with wonder and awe
no bland at all
No cause to stop, no cause to yield
She laid stone after stone 'til it was just as she willed

The walls would be up, but there'd be no ceiling installed
She had learned to fly, so it wouldn't hinder her at all
anyone with wings
would realize the same thing
She knew they were few, those unbothered by walls
But they were out there,somewhere, and this kept her enthralled

This caused her to seek and to search for those soaring
She would wake up and begin this task each morning
she never got tired
it remained her desire
And at last she found some others exploring
She joined in their flight, and felt her heart restoring

When those times ended, her wings let her glide
Till she was back home and landed safely inside
dreams began to come true
soon others would, too
No longer clothed in confusion; she had no reason to hide
She was different, yes indeed, but she was also satisfied

Her heart was now protected and secure in this place
Dreams and wishes and hope filled up each empty space
no uninvited guest
no unwanted stress
These walls kept her soul warm like a loving embrace
But anytime she was ready, she could leave without trace

She found herself, her place; no more pretend
This is the way it should have always been
This peaceful life
Yes, it was her life
This was the way she'd forever intend
For she could always get out, but only few could get in

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