Thursday, April 7, 2016

Little Glimpses of Our Little Humans

So, by popular demand, I present to you some of my favorite photos we have thus far of our beloved C1 and C2. Because of laws and regulations, I can't show their faces just yet... (And oh! Do they have the cutest little faces!!!) Still, I want you to feel a little more apart of our lives, and I think sharing images of these memories will help with that! Hope you enjoy!!

And boom! One day we had the opportunity to love some amazing little boys...


Aunt Sissy and C1. This is their spot... Not sure why... But it is.


He was trying to be a big boy today...

C2 twinning with Daddy Aaron...
Started off being hard to get C1 in the tub... now... you can't get him out!


Baby C2 rolled over for the first time! Yay!


Little C1 got to visit the ice cream truck for the first time!


C1 loves to swing!

Took a trip to Missouri to meet Mawmaw and PawPaw Benfield!


C2 has Nana Crystal wrapped around his tiny finger!


Both boys love time with Mamaw and Papaw Troy!


C1 took a break from wrestling to pose with Poppy!


Uncle J sure has a blast with these little guys!


This was only Day 2 - and I was already in love!

These babies will never know just how much they've already impacted our lives and imprinted our hearts. I sure hope we do the same for them. Love them more than they'll ever know...
And I guarantee we always will...
Pray for us all... Wish us luck... and join in our fun by keeping up with this blog!
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