Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Take It In (a poem.)

Rustling leaves and whistling winds
sing to me as I dance with the pebbles at my feet.
Sunbeams play hide and seek with the clouds
occasionally coming close enough to kiss my cheek.
The rippling brook hollers out from the forest
awaiting my company and innermost thoughts.
So I waltz down the path guarded by trees
Breathe in deep and the love for tranquility is caught.
There are no alarms or buzzers or beeps.
No one is demanding my time.
Nature simply wants me to rest and leave everything be
and the greatest pleasure is all mine.
In the unrushed stillness one can hear
a lot more than bustling lives.
Your heart hears that faintest whisper
your soul continually cries.
This life holds so much beauty
that your eyes will never see,
if you hide them behind closed doors
or fixed on a lifeless screen.
Look around you. Take it in.
Do your surroundings supply you peace?
If you're blinded by constant chaos,
Maybe, for a time, you should take your leave.
Be wise in your decisions, yes,
but don't always ignore your heart.
Meaningless things leave one bleak and gray,
while love for each day creates a work of art.
So do what you love and love what you do
every moment your lungs release breath.
Don't settle for anything less than surreal
'Long as your heart beats inside your chest.
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