Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why are Christians So Anti-Abortion?

We all know about the women's march that took place a week ago... We all have our opinions about it, too, I'm sure. I won't get into all of mine, because I have several. But, let me just say, if acting like that makes you a modern-day-feminist... I'm in the wrong decade.

But, as I said before, this post isn't about that. At least not all of that.

I want to focus on one aspect of that march... Pro-Choice.

Here I go putting myself out there again -- but I feel it's necessary in making sure people don't go off assuming I'm just a rambling, opinionated, gal with no experience or rights to back me up. So... for the sake of trying to possibly impact just one person, I have become okay with the necessity of laying all shame and embarrassment out on the table. (If you're a regular reader, I apologize if you hear some of the same stories more than once. There are always new readers, and sometimes, bits and pieces shared once before need to be mentioned yet again.)

And... here comes the boom.

I know what it's like to want a baby and not be able to have one, as I've been married for nearly ten years and it's yet to happen. So, I do get irritated beyond belief when someone "accidentally" gets pregnant and considers it an inconvenience... and they destroy what I've dreamed of.
I was also "mistreated" in my past. So, while I truly and wholeheartedly sympathize with and understand any woman who has dealt with the same or similar abuse, I'm still not okay with the idea of terminating a baby conceived out of such awful circumstances. 1) Because it was not that baby's doing, so why is he/she the one who must pay the ultimate price? 2) How beautiful is it for something so pure and innocent to come from something so evil?
And being around children my entire life, I've seen some in (what some would consider) bad shape. Their conditions have handed them a hard hand that won't allow them to lead a "full, normal" life. Yeah, well, those aren't my words. Who gets to decide what "normal" should be? And the several children I'm referencing have had lives full of love, laughter, and lots of happy times. I'm sure they'd rather be in the state they're in, surrounded by those they adore, rather than... the alternative that so many seem to support.

So, even aside from my Christian views, those are just my opinions, based on what I've dealt with and seen.

But, to add my Christian views in with them... Well, hopefully it will paint a much clearer picture on why we stand against it so strongly. It has nothing to do with bigotry, tradition, or hate... It's actually just the opposite.

While most non-Christians couldn't care less about the Bible, we consider it and know it to be the surest, purest, and most solid authority in our lives. While we do believe "Thou Shalt Not Kill" also applies to humans in the earliest stages of life, there is another verse that supports our belief system on abortion even more.

Jeremiah 1:5- "BEFORE I formed you in your mother's womb, I knew you..."

That's the one, folks. Because God is not bound by time as we are, every single life that BEGINS forming, (even before that!) is deemed important enough to be known by the Creator of this vast universe. Yes, the very One that formed the planets... took time to form you... and me... and them...

( And "if we found on Mars what we find in the womb, there would be no doubt that life was discovered." -Pastor Garrett Kell) Think about that for just a second. You know it's the truth.

Back to that verse, though... That's why we don't look at fetuses as just a "clump of cells". Because, even scientifically, not all "clumps of cells" can eventually turn into living, breathing, thinking, feeling human beings. If God saw fit to form that life, who are we to decide he/she doesn't need to be here? That's the most troubling question for me.

We have so many animal rights activists and movements in this day and age... and aside from the crazy, irrational ones, I'm ALL for them. I'm a huge animal lover, and am fully supportive of keeping them all safe and taken care of. But when did their lives become more important than that of a human being? If we discovered a clinic that terminated and removed, ripped apart and sucked up, puppies or kittens from their mother's womb... The media would be outraged. I would be outraged.

The feeling is entirely mutual for me, but just a little stronger, when it comes to aborting tiny, innocent, humans.
Ever loved anyone that died of cancer? What if the one who could've cured that horrid disease was aborted? What if the genius that could end world hunger was? Did we terminate the one that could find a way to live normally with aids? How will we ever know?

Another word in the verse found in Jeremiah that breaks my heart when thinking of people screaming in favor of abortion is "mother's." As I said earlier, I have yet to become one. I'm hoping one day it will happen, but it might not. I'm okay either way, because I know God knows best. He's filled the void and will continue to do so if that is not His will for my life. But, oh! What an honor that He saw fit to make anyone a MOM! The very definition is, "a woman who brings up a child with care and affection." Wow! If God, Whom by very definition Himself, is LOVE, thinks you or her could be capable of such a role... That says a lot. So why would anyone want to throw that title away only to replace it with "someone who knowingly ends another human life." I'm sure you can guess which word that phrase defines.

Don't get me wrong- if you've already had an abortion... I'm sure you're dealing with your own emotions, and I, by no means, want to make past decisions more difficult. God can help you through any negative thoughts, feelings, treatment, etc. you might be facing. He loves YOU, too. I just want people to avoid doing such things in the future... or at the very least, understand that our Pro-Life stance is only out of love and the desire for equality... even for those too young to march for themselves.

Just like there are going to be people affiliated with any religion, cause, race, etc. that distort the well-meaning intentions of the majority, I know there are some who have been rude and hateful all for the "sake of Christ" regarding this matter. That's not okay, either. But, Christians do strongly disagree with abortion... because of all the right reasons. Not because we don't value women, but because we think they're priceless! No one else can carry and "build" a human inside their own bodies. But, we also realize that amazing truth for what it is...

The woman CARRIES and builds ANOTHER human... One that deserves the right to live.

No matter the circumstances, the cause, or the consequences of becoming pregnant... we believe EVERY life is important, has a purpose, and is worthy of a chance... 

just as much a chance to march as the women who did a week ago.

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